Space Adventure Explanation


As I stated in my previous post this was inspired by looking at articles in the Guardian relating to the Discovery and Atlantis launches, as well as the Chinese landing on the moon.

The narrative goes that a comet has come into the earth’s orbit and hits a space station, based on the idea of a space hotel for multi millionaires to spend a vacation there. The comet circles round the moon and clips the space station. Two astronauts inside see the comet coming towards them at the last minute and brace themselves as the comets hits and damages the station. While I was making the frames I watched the films “The Abyss” and “Solyaris”, giving me the idea for an astronaut being stranded in space, where the animation ends after the astronaut tries to repair the station and is lost in space.


Ange and Brad’s Divorce with Audio


Here’s the final outcome for the narrative exploration of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt suing News of the World for exploiting their divorce without permission.


Space Adventure with Audio


What Were You Expecting?


As an after thought, What Were You Expecting is a brief designed for character design and innovation, but originally was just to pass the time!

A friend and I were coming home to Bath from Brighton with a group of friends and started making different characters on A5 paper in different sections: head, body, legs and feet. It was just to pass the train journey, but turned out to be supprisingly fun as nether of us knew what each other had drawn until the feet had been drawn and the character revealed.

Back in Bath we’ve continued to make a range of strange and obscure characters as well as asking other’s to help make different parts of the body, as we both realized we both tended to focus on the same way to produce the character’s parts, which became a pattern. I focused more on the anatomy of the characters and Kai focused more on putting everyday objects to fill the ga

ps, making some very unusual and awesome looking “people”!

We progressed to produce over 100 characters and had the idea to make a book out of them all (excluding a couple). We managed to spilt the characters into different sections which we named:

Champions-heroic look

Desperadoes-villianistic look

Hybrids-animal/mammal look

Extraterrestrials-weird and out of this world

Cyborgs-robotic and prosthetic

Other-couldn’t categorize

A prototype was made by photocopying the raw images then bound to give us an idea of what the outcome would look like. We photoshopped each image then imported the images to indesign for layout and to include the contents and section pages. The file was then sent off to a book publishing company in London to be printed, after a few amendments to layout and grammar checks the book(s) were printed.

As an after thought for continuing the project further we thought we could continue the books as a series, using the same drawings as a guideline, but taking parts of photographs to add colour and a different feel to the project.


Ange and Brad’s Divorce Explanation


This was slightly different in the making as I used charcoal which at first I found incredibly difficult to use first off, but after the first two frames I started to get the grip of it’s raw nature (although alot more practice needed!). I used charcoal as I wanted to empathize the raw nature of a marriage break down through each frame. Having the experience of being through a divorce then I was younger I was interested in reading about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage break down, which inspired me to write this short narrative. As research I looked at staged divorce break-ups to help me really put both character’s in a blind rational verbal fight.

Although after having my review this week gone, I got some interesting pointers about filming the feature in live action instead of charcoal, maybe in black and white to emphasize the rawness.


Space Adventure Raw


LOTD Charcoal Animatic


Pretty much finished charcoal animatic, a few slide dimensions to fix, but they don’t stand out too much. Enjoy!